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Button scrolling

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I developed an J2ME application using LWUIT framework. I have a group of buttons my aim is to scroll the buttons in horizontal view, for that

i created a container with Boxlayout of X-axis and applied to that container as setScrollableX(true) and for my buttons i have names for each buttons.

When first button is focused iam getting the first button name also. when i select some other button then only button text(name) is visible.

Is there amy way to get the button text(name) when iam scrolling buttons, because my focused button is invisible when iam scrolling .I want to change the

button text based on my scroll.

Thanks in Advance,


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Since scrolling is completely separate you would have a problem doing that.

It sounds like you are trying to accomplish a carousel style of UI which we usually use a list to implement. See the main screen in the tipster demo where we created a horizontal fisheye fixed list for the different occupation types.