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Building my own resource editor

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Joined: 2011-05-14

Hi all hope you are doing just fine and enjoying working with LWUIT.

In our company we started to use LWUIT last year in developing mobile applications extensively. Now we are trying to build our own Resource Editor with some extra features and we started reading the Resource File Specification Version 1.0. Now there is some issues we need to ask about:

1) Do we need to implement our own class that generate the resource file or there is classes that can do that for us in the LIB?

2) Does the specifications of the forms designed using the Resource Editor are saved in the resource file? Cause they are not mentioned in the resource binary spec.


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Joined: 2003-11-07

We open sourced the resource editor for completeness. I would strongly suggest you DON'T do something like this since the tool is always undergoing major overhalls and changes so you will end up with code that won't be adaptable to furture LWUIT versions and ports.

You will not be able to maintain the code since any change to the editor will need changes to the res files and you will end up with impossible to handle merges.

The resource file specification is outdated and not maintained, everything needed to build and run a fully functional resource editor is open source.