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blackberry JDE IDE frequently show error access denied

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Joined: 2011-03-31

i every one last few day i has been try to develoed blackberry application in my window 7 os , i have install JDE 6.0 or above vesion when i build and run
project it ok it work well but it freqently show one error access denied i try to attache png file pleas help any one who know how to slove this issue

becz due to permission i dont do any thing also same problem arrised during when i developde lwuit+blackberry app in netbeans it build but i show access denied
due to of give permission how can do this i have no idea please help

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Joined: 2008-08-15

Don't know how to grant permissions to a folder in windows but you could install the JDE to a directory that you have access to. Somewhere in your home folder. For general BlackBerry/JDE questions you will find more help here I believe: