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Blackberry build script

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I created a small blackberry app which I plan to use on both type of bb devices: touch and keyboard.
I'm not using NETBEANS, using eclipse and compile the project using ANT script.

In the implementation factory it set the following:

//#ifdef touch
//# return new com.sun.lwuit.impl.blackberry.BlackBerryTouchImplementation();
return new BlackBerryImplementation();

But when I run the application in any device it's always readh this line: return new BlackBerryImplementation();

What should I define in my ANT script to define "touch" in case of touch screen?

I know I can build two versions one for each type of devices, but I'm looking for generic solution if possible.

Thank you


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Joined: 2010-03-15

Unless you are programming for a really ancient OS version you can do this:

<div>public LWUITImplementation createImplementation() {</div><div> </div><div>        if (Touchscreen.isSupported()) {</div><div>            return new BlackBerryTouchImplementation();</div><div>        }</div><div> </div><div>        return new BlackBerryImplementation();</div><div>        </div><div>    }</div>

This way you can have one build for either touch-enabled or regular device.