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Application almost unresponsive while loading on Nokia E7-00

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Hi all,

I am writing a midlet and testing it on Nokia E7-00 and E6-00. A big part of it are Lists, where each item has an image.

When each list item is shown its image is loaded using LWUIT's NetworkManager.addToQueue(). However while the images are loading the application is almost unresponsive. If I replace the images with static ones there are no performance problems.

I have tested it with the phones being connected to a WiFi network. The devices are not updated to Symbian Anna (I was asked not to make it a requirement unless absolutely necessary). Since the app is intended for Nokia devices I haven't tested it in other phones (And I haven't any other comparable phones to test it). Each list screen shows about 6 items. The images are jpeg images, 70x70 pixels.

Any ideas?

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Joined: 2003-11-07

You are seeing the cost of downloading these resources.

What we usually do is initialize the list with a blank image and show the form. We then use the image download service to download entries in the background but we only add the image download service entry with a delay to start the download.