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Android LWUIT when going to a form.

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Joined: 2011-08-29

Hi my app begins to launch on android but then when I attempt to go to a form I get this error

W/System.err(27566): at
W/System.err(27566): at com.sun.lwuit.util.UIBuilder.createComponent(
W/System.err(27566): at com.sun.lwuit.util.UIBuilder.createContainer(
W/System.err(27566): at com.sun.lwuit.util.UIBuilder.createContainer(
W/System.err(27566): at com.sun.lwuit.util.UIBuilder.showForm(
W/System.err(27566): at userclasses.NavigationLogic.goTo(

the .res is definitely found (in assets/) because if i remove it then theres an file not found exception - anyone know what this error is all about?

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Joined: 2003-11-07

The line numbers are unsynced with my current version of the UIBuilder so its hard for me to investigate the source of the exception. Obviously it is caused when reading a specific component but its hard for me to tell which one and why.

You can override the method:

<p>    protected Component createComponentInstance(String componentType, Class cls) {<br />

And just printout the component type created to give you an indication of which component is failing. Please file an issue on this and assign it to me, this seems like a critical bug.