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add LWUIT documentations to netbeans

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This article to show you how to add LWUIT library to Netbeans libraries and to attach it's documentation:
1 - Rename your lwuit library to it's version in small letter and without space (ex:lwuit1.3.jar).
2- Compress lwuit documentations in zip archive with the same lwuit library name (ex:
3- Place lwuit library in this url : c:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.9\mobility\modules.
4- Place lwuit library documentations in this url : c:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.9\mobility\modules\docs.
5-Tab on Tools in netbeans select Libraries, Press on new library button, type yor lwuit library name press ok.
6-Tab Classpath and press on add Jar/Folder point on your lwuit library which you placed in c:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.9\mobility\modules
7-Tab Javadoc and press on add Jar/Folder point on your lwuit library documentations which you placed in c:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.9\mobility\modules\docs
8-Press OK and use the library in your project and see the documentations folded when you write code from the library.
Kind Regards,
Mohammad Abu Hmead,
Mobile Applications Developer

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Simpler way:
Rather than add the LWUIT jar use add library feature of Netbeans.
Select edit to create a new library where you can define not just the javadoc but also the source path so clicking on a lwuit class will also show you the source code....

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It was helpful, i tried out the similar steps for Mac.
On Mac one may face problem while specifying the path for modules folder. Netbeans on mac is stored as a packaged Content and thus one might not be able to specify the path through the Browse Dialog.
So in order to point to the mobility folder, one should drag the required file from mobility folder(opened separately) to the Browse Dialog drop down list.