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Problem Repainting Graphics Layer over Video Layer

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We're having the following problem: in MHP the Graphics Layer is refreshed automatically when the video is playing behind, which means that when we call repaint() to the HScene everything is removed from the graphics and the painted again, therefore there is no problem making containers disappear/appear (setVisible(false/true)) before making that repaint() call.

The same application in Blu-ray, working against a Samsung BD-6900 player, behaves completely different, that is, the graphics layer does not get clipped, and then all the containers get painted over the others, which where supposed to have disappeared since they where set to invisible state. Attention: the same works perfectly right in the Cyberlink PowerDVD.

The work-around we have found, which really is not, cause we need to keep video playing behind, is placing an image as the background of a global container added to the HScene ( with a background color works too).

So it seems that to be able to get something really repainted in the Graphics layer you need to have a parent container with some graphics covering the component... so the question is : is this the way it works ? or on the contrary (and most probable :-) we are either doing something wrong or the samsung BD-6900 is working badly...?

Thanx a lot for your help!