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playlist changing at Title unbound Xlet

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Joined: 2010-03-03

I have now in trouble with playlist changing at Title unbound Xlet.
When title changing in Title unbound Xlet during playback Playlist, the previous video is playbacked momentarily although title changes.
Do anyone give me an advice how to solve this issue?

1.there are Title1 and Title2.
2.Accessible Playlists are set by BDJO of each title. (Title1: Playlist1, Title2: Playlist2)
3.Title unbound Xlet playbacks Playlist.

1.When changes to Title1 to Title2, call Player.stop() of Playlist1
2.After step1, when title change is finished, set Playlist2 to Player and call Player.start().
Before Playlist2 playback, the video which is playbacked Playlist1 is shown momentarily.
My expected is the video which is playbacked Playlist1 not to be shown.
The instant of Player is same.
Using PlayListChangeControl.selectPlayList(String) for setting Playlist.

Thank you