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Playing BD-RE discs on some Samsung players

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Hi everyone,

I just learned a little trick for getting test discs to run on at least one Samsung players. I thought I'd pass it on, in case it helps someone out there.

It turns out that at least one Samsung player (and I suspect others) will refuse to play a disc if it has no A/V assets. AFAIK, having A/V assets on a disc isn't a spec requirement, and I ran an image through one of the verifiers, and it agrees with me. However, adding something to the PLAYLIST, STREAM and CLIPINF folders make a BD-RE disc playable on the player I was investigating.

To get some A/V assets, I just grabbed the ones from the cookbook disc, over at I'm sure the player doesn't verify the contents of the media assets, so something much shorter would most certainly do, too. For all I know, zero-length files would be fine!

This is a useful little workaround for what I believe to be a player bug.



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Joined: 2010-09-13

Hi Bill,
I would be interested in knowing which Samsung player you found this anomaly on. I have had some experience with the Samsung players and D6700 did not replicate this problem.