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DVBTestOutput.txt Access restriction from VFS

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Joined: 2010-09-13

Hi everyone,

I have an Application A (App A) which uses DVBTest.terminate(String, int) api to keep track of its progress. It acesses the file created by DVBTest.terminate(String, int) which is DVBTestOutput.txt to know its current status.

This works fine from disc package but when Application B (App B) copies App A to BUDA and launches it on the VFS, any effort to access DVBTestOutput.txt throws an AccessControlException. Stacktrace: access denied ( read)
at java/security/AccessControlContext.checkPermission(Ljava/security/Permission;)V(bytecode:113)
at java/security/AccessController.checkPermission(Ljava/security/Permission;)V(bytecode:38)
at java/lang/SecurityManager.checkPermission(Ljava/security/Permission;)V(bytecode:1)

This behaviour has been observed on Sony PS3 and Panasonic player. App A and App B are properly signed and VFS update is properly successful. The specifications mention that using DVBTest.terminate() should be possible even with security restrictions. But the corresponding file DVBTestOutput.txt is unable to be accessed.

Any suggestions/workarounds/explanations will be helpful :)


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Joined: 2010-09-13

I tried the approach on Samsung players and it seemed to be working fine. Unless someone points out a flaw in the approach or scenario, I am inclined to think of this as a Player issue. However, it may account for a specs violation if it is. Has anyone had similar issues with Pansonic 3D players...