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Blu-Ray Java Discs not Resumable - Rant

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From my AVS forums post:

I just read this forum about "resuming play" in the BDT-210 and any other blu-ray player for that matter.:

I found the section in the Panasonic Manual about resume play that Bluray-J(ava) discs do not resume play. This is bleepin' ridiculous.

They invented a high end technology for playing high resolution videos and no one put in the standard that the disc must be resumable from play.

What committee of morons (pard my language, but this is beyond belief) decided this. [Is there no standards body or document?] And who would want to be using Java in an optical disk anyway!

If aliens were studying us for first contact, they would see this and say forget it, no sign of intelligent life here......

More reading here: