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World peer group membership service in jxse 2.7

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Joined: 2009-11-22

I'm trying to migrate a project from jxse 2.5 to 2.7. My application fails while instantiating world peer group. Here is exception
net.jxta.exception.PeerGroupException: Failed to login to this group: null. Error=0
at net.jxta.impl.peergroup.StdPeerGroup.initFirst(
at net.jxta.impl.peergroup.Platform.initFirst(
at net.jxta.impl.peergroup.GenericPeerGroup.init(
at net.jxta.peergroup.WorldPeerGroupFactory.newWorldPeerGroup(
at net.jxta.peergroup.WorldPeerGroupFactory.<init>(
at net.jxta.peergroup.NetPeerGroupFactory.<init>(

As far as I understand default membership service was changed from NoneMembershipService to PSEMembershipService in jxse 2.7..
Here is how I create my group
NetPeerGroupFactory factory = new NetPeerGroupFactory(
infrastructureGroup = factory.getNetPeerGroup();

My question is, how can I set membership service back to NoneMembershipService?
Thank you.

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Joined: 2005-06-18

try using the networkmanager instead of the netpeergroupfactory directly. don't forget to set up all of the parameters too - including username, password, peername etc - and then save the configuration. psemembership is transparent - if you are not using it then it won't affect your application.

Joined: 2009-11-22

Thank you, for your response.
I had statement. After I commented that out the problem went away.