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Small private network - connecting two rendezvous peers

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I'm working against JXSE 2.6, and attempting to create a private network consisting of a handful of mostly rendezvous peers. My test environment involves 4 peers on the same machine, all configured to use different ports with TCP.
I'm having success launching a test edge peer, which can connect to the seeded rendezvous. Advertisements and resolver service queries work fine there.
How do I wire the rendezvous nodes together though? What's not working is that when my test edge peer tries to discover an ad that I know to be on a different rendezvous node, (but not the one that it's seeded to), it returns nothing. At present, all I can tell to do to connect the rendezvous nodes is to have them seed to one another with the network configurator.
Since they're all on the same machine, reachability shouldn't be much of an issue here. Am I doing something wrong? How do rendezvous nodes connect to one another and agree to relay messages for one another?
One option might be for me to seed my test peer with all 4 rendezvous, which might work temporarily, but won't later when/if my network grows to include nodes that not everyone knows about a-priori.


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> How do I wire the rendezvous nodes together though?
No need to code anything. Just make sure that all RDVs share a common RDV seed. Then, they will organize connectivity between them automatically.