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Problems sending message via EndpointService.getMessenger() with ADHOC Peers

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Joined: 2010-12-16


I'm trying to send a message between two ADHOC peers in the same
machine, using the EndpointService.getMenssenger(PeerID.toURI).

After EndPointService.isReachable() returning "true" I try to use
Messenger.sendMessage() and returns true.

But the MessageArriveListener.messageArrived() is not catch and I stop
in this error:

AVISO: Line 966
dest serviceName must not be null, discarding message
The code and more details can be found at :

I'm trying to make this example as simple as possible with ADHOC and
no RDV, all in local machine, just to get a message from one Peer to

What am I missing ?

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Joined: 2010-12-16

I solved it extending the EndpointService and used addIncomingMessageListener() te register the service names.
Don't know if its the best solution, but now I can get the message with processIncomingMessage()