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jxta simple peer - server example lan

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Joined: 2010-10-20

I have tried to run all the examples for jxta 2.6 and 2.5 in 2 computers but no result, most cases : no listener for mcast.
most examples were for one computer (using pipe advertisement created from senders class, and back) i split those to run sender on a different computer than listener.
no result...
i would like one example client server sending messages over a small 2 computers Lan network, no internet no nothing.
even some configuration (for 2.5 config window).
p.s. i have managed creating groups . advertising them and the other seed after knowing about the group, joining it... but when messages come through... Garbage collect

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Joined: 2010-10-20

New try when using a simple txt file instead of the dropped server ,
the txt file contains both peers : TCP://xxxxxxxx:port
But again no result, this way they can't even discover the groups....
can anyone send even java version and jxta version they work on with results, and settings for config window on both LAN peers?

Joined: 2007-01-31

You can check the JUnit code for example. These tests pass successfully on my PC. Make sure you have enabled multicast communication on the firewalls of your PC.