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Change JXTA's "RendezVous" serveur

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Joined: 2013-12-19

Hi there;

I'm new in developing with JXTA API, I'd like to know if JXTA is dead, and if it's possible to change her "RendezVous" or "Relay" server by my own server?
Because it seems that "RendezVous" & "Relay" server are unreachable.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards

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Joined: 2009-10-05

Hi kilwa,
No, JXTA is not dead - we're starting work on a new 2.8x series of releases - see the dev mailing list for details.

The public relay and rendezvous servers that were previously maintained are now not active, nor is the seeding service at

This is something we should provide, going forward.

You can set your own relay and rendezvous hosts via NetworkConfigurator.{addSeedRelay | addSeedRendezvous}, or by providing a list of relays/rendezvous using NetworkConfigurator.{addRelaySeedingURI | addRdvSeedingURI}.

Hope this helps,
Matt Gumbley

Joined: 2013-12-19

Hi mjgumbley,

Thank you for your reply;

Could you please help me in the configuration via NetworkConfigurator: what should I specify in the "addSeedRendezvous" feild, and in my RendezVous server, is there some configuration that I have to do?