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byte[] to PipeAdvertisement

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Joined: 2011-08-23

Hello everybody!

I need to send advertisement using multicast, so I need to convert it to byte first. I do it as follows...

Document doc = pipeAdv.getDocument(MimeMediaType.XMLUTF8);

InputStream is = doc.getStream();

byte[] bajte = new byte[1024];

it probably works, but I have no idea how to do go back to PipeAdvertisement. Can somebody give me some advise?

And I think it is also worth to mention, that both class PipeAdvertisement and Document (LiteXMLDocument) are not serializable.

thanx in advance

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Joined: 2011-08-30

you need to extend Advertisement and implement serializable to make it work. Check out AdvertisementTutorial.