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API Developer for Developers

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Are you itching to be on the vanguard of the database revolution? Do you want to work with cutting edge NoSQL technology that Global 2000 customers are using to solve their mission-critical Big Data problems? MarkLogic is the powerful, agile and trusted Enterprise NoSQL database that organizations around the world have been using in production for over a decade. Our unique technology powers some of the world’s largest and most complex applications for customers in media, government, financial services, healthcare, and other industries worldwide. These customers bet their businesses on us, and we deliver for them.

We are looking for a smart, passionate, and inquisitive engineer to work with us to make the power of MarkLogic Server accessible to developers everywhere. This may include APIs, SDKs, and drivers for developers, automation policies and scripts for operators, discovery services for data scientists, and other innovations designed to broaden the reach of Enterprise NoSQL. The ideal candidate will have a background in enterprise application development.

•Very strong Java coding skills (C/C++ a plus)
•Strong working knowledge of service oriented architectures, REST, HTTP

Strong preference for candidates who demonstrate experience in any of the following areas:

•Application development and deployment in J2EE, .NET environments
•Development for developers (IDEs, APIs, SDKs)
•Web development frameworks and tools
•Operation of enterprise systems, including scripted deployments, monitoring, and capacity planning
•Database technologies: Enterprise RDBMS technologies such as Oracle and DB2 (SQL), or NoSQL solutions
•Hadoop ecosystem
•Document and data formats " JSON, XML and related technologies
•Functional programming languages
•Search engine technologies such as Lucene or FAST
•Development of successful commercially available software.
If this position is of interest to you please contact me directly at:831-420-8632
This position can be for an off-site employee