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Ynot - a new scripting language in Java

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Hi developers :) (and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!)

My name is Eric Quésada.
I would like to introduce my personal project named "Ynot".
It's a new scripting language made in Java.
I work on it on my free time for 2 years.
The project is hosted here:

To summarize in few words:

- It's a scripting language so no more need to compile.
- The syntax is easy to read and to write (similar to PHP or Pascal).
- The project is free under GPLv3 license.
- The interpreter is made in Java.
- The ynot scrips can use all the Java SE API (swing, sound...)
- If you put some .jar just around your script you can use the classes' jar directly without any modification or configuration.
- To install you just need to unzip the archive.
- To launch a ynot script you just need to "Open with" the script with the or ynot.jar file.

On the website there is a 2 minutes video showing a simple "helloworld".

I will be very proud if you can just visit the site (and "why not" test this new language)

Thank you very much.