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Slow jar downloading and antivirus

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Hi all. A customer of my company has a trouble on some Windows XP 32 bit clients: the first downloading of the jars used by a jboss-based application takes a very long time. Client-side a java web start is used.
Using an older version of the application, which is tomcat-based and uses applet technology, the effect is the same. In both cases a JRE 6u18 is installed on client.
This doesn't happen on Windows 7 64 bit clients.
Removing the antivirus (TrendMicro OfficeScan, version 10.5) the download is much faster, so I suggested the customer to exclude the java deployment folder. But they refused.
Someone having similar problems?
Any other suggestions?
Is it perhpas possible to set a different deployment folder for a specific java application (all jars referred by a specific jnlp)?

Thanks a lot