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Security. Form-based auth. using jdbc in JSF application(configuring web.xml)

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Good day, community.
I have a JSF web application.
There is a database that contains information about users(login, passwords, roles).
First table is 'Accounts' and consists of acc_id, acc_login, acc_password.
Second table is 'AccountRoles'- r_acc_id, r_role_id.
Third table is 'Roles' - role_id, role_name.
I need to have a web authorisation there. so that when opening the url of the app I want a simple page to appear. This page(XHTML) should have two inputs(login, password) and a submit button.
and after the user types the information and presses the button, my web-application should check if such user exists and what is his role.

i'm using the glassfish server 3.0.1, netbeans 6.9.1.
in the admin console of the glassfish server I configured the connection pool to my DB(the ping-check returned success), the connection resource and created the Security REALM.
this REALM name I use to put in web.xml in the Security section.
the realm name is secRealm. And I'm sure it's OK.
Now added to web.xml:

What should I do next? How to configure the web.xml further? and What should i place in login.xhtml and error.xhtml to make it work?
Please, help..

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Joined: 2010-12-23

Hi Netter,
I have the same problem as you.
Did you find the solution?. I am looking around in order to solve it but still anything.
You can answer me in
Thanks in advance

Joined: 2010-12-23

Hi Netter,
I found this link that I think it could be useful:
My problem is that I dont know how a user is assigned a role when login. I do not know where this listener looks at to check which role has each user.