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Question about extra Java memory on 32 bit Windows.

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I have discovered when using 32 bit java on 32 bit Windows (not 64 bit java on 64 bit windows, 64 bit hardware) that my running programs won't be able to exceed memory usage much further than about

C:> java program -Xmx1500m

I have used some of the available Windows memory tools to observe memory usage of a simple while(true) program that does nothing but balloon in memory. I either get an exception from java saying there's no memory left less than the maximum, or I simply can't take any more RAM, even with more Megabytes or Gigabytes or RAM actively available. Could someone tell me how to surpass this upper limit for the java heap size, in practice, in 32 bit Windows with 32 bit Java? Or even how to simply do so indefinitely if possible?