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Query regarding network related traces in Java based client application

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I am facing an issue with a Java based application, wherein the application works as a client and tries to connect to a remote server application. While trying to connect to the remote server, the java based application uses configurable host/port from a config file. The host that is configured is in terms of virtual host name. But, while connecting from the client application, it is showing the following messages in the java console.

network: Connecting socket:// with proxy=DIRECT

network: Connecting socket:// with proxy=DIRECT

But, at the time of connection to the server application, the server application was running in the failover node (with different IP) represented with the same virtual host name. But, the above traces shows a physical IP address.

I just want to know which library in Java is printing the above trace messages and how can I resolve this issue to use the virtual host name rather than the physical IP address.

Thanks in advance