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Print a string to a given string of a field

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Hello everyone!

I have the following situation:

I need to make a tag but I get the data to address information are in the same field. "Thislayout sausage."

Address: Libertarian Beloto Nro.200 District: Maria Ligia ZIP Code: 21510000 City: WhiteRiver State: CA

Address: 16 Nro.24 Neighborhood: Why Industrial ZIP Code: 80510000 City: Santa MartaState: SC

Address: Twelve April Nro.1586 Neighborhood: Santa Cruz Zip: 69500250 City: RioBonito State: PE

Address: Right Nro.24 Neighborhood: Centro CEP: 01200000 City: Sao Paulo State: SP

I need the Issue and Neighborhood Street and are in a row

City and State on the line below

and zip code in below


Address: Libertarian Beloto Nro.200 District: Maria Ligia

City: White River State: CA

ZIP Code: 21510000

Details on each record that could serve as starting index for recording (eg neighborhood, zip code, ect ...) are in a position