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Nimbus PaintContext ClassNotFoundException running against JRE 7u4+

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We have a web application that extends the Nimbus LaF library with custom painters for various controls. The applet is built against JDK 6u27, and runs as expected against JRE 6.x, however we have run into issues when running it against JRE 7u4+. At runtime we get a ClassNotFoundException for AbstractRegionPainter$PaintContext. Looking at the source, we can see that was changed in Java 7 to inherit from javax.swing.plaf.nimbus.AbstractRegionPainter, however the same change was not made for the inner PaintContext class. I have submitted a bug report to Oracle about this issue, with code to reproduce, however it has unfortunately not changed status ("dispatched") for several months now.

Any assistance to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated!