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need help for understand difference between jdk 1.6.0_33 & 1.7.0_02

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I try to understand jdk so i try comparative study technique...
I have 3 jdk
1. jdk1.6.0_33
2. jdk1.7.0_02
3. openjdk-7-fcs-src-b147

I have Winmerge version
So by that i can see 2 java/c/c++/h file for compare where is difference.
Is there any IDE helps such as if we write basic codes in java like hellow world,or declare just one variable,component etc & when debug shows complete way from which java file it goes to which c file which h file ...and so on then we see actual output in console or in frame etc? I try eclipse helios for c files & java files but both separately i can see..
When i open project openjdk in eclipse helios for java it shows all java files properly but not show c & other files
When i open project in eclipse helios CDT which for c/cpp, it shows all openjdk but java files shown in wordpad or notepad...
Same when i write basic code in java & try debug it not goes in any c/cpp/h...

Basic difference i got that all java files in 1.7 has use spaces for indent but 1.6 use tab for indent...why such unnecessary thing include in latest one?
Just new code include with keeping old indentation method is actually for find similarity i have to modify all java files...remove spaces from 1.7 & use tab as 1.6 use. & then i can see actual coding difference...
Is there people try to learn how actually jdk works?