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JDK pre-public release notifications

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Joined: 2014-03-18

Hi there,

Is there any easy and not painful way to know when a public release is scheduled to be public?

We’d like to run some overall tests some weeks before a release is made publicly available, but haven't found an system.
It's nice to have early access to this RC / Early Access builds, we just need date to schedule.

Actually we just check early release sites for Java 7 and 8 and schedule some alerts in our calendar in order to find out if any RC are available.

When this alert notifies us, we also check the wikipedia updates list, which has a 'Release Date' column.

Have checked subscription lists willing to find a "jdk-release-notifications" -like list but haven't found it.

What would you recommend us? We wouldn’t like to read blogs nor subscribe to lists where development things are discussed.
How can we actually know when 1.7u60 will be released? And if there is not a date set, how can we know it in the future?

Thx in advance.

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Joined: 2014-03-18

Just found 'release dates' page for Java 7

Anyhow, any advice is welcome :)