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Java Script using LiveConnect - Error

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Hi there :)
At first I'd like to mention, that I am new to this Community ;)
I am a student and these days I am developing an application connected with PKI and kryptho packages. It's a client server Setup. The Client runs within a FireFox Extension using LiveConnect.
I tried to run my code with this tutorial, but it works just with easy examples. My code uses classes like X509Certificates and another classes realated to a PKI.
Also i use the BouncyCastle API for establishing an OCSP-Connection between the client and the server.
When i try to run my code Firefox Error Console tells me this:
Fehler: uncaught exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Perhaps my code is limited by Firefox Java Sandbox. Maybe someone can help me? If wanted i can post the Sourcefiles.
Tanks for reading!
Greetings Markus