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Java multicast socket behaviour on linux distribution (2.6.18-8.el5 )

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My problem is exactly similar to the one described in;

that is , if I have two multicast socket that is bound to same port but joining different multicast group it ends up receiving traffic from both on Linux distributions;

In other words two different multicast groups with same port will receive packets from both groups, this behaviour happens on RHL distribution 2.6.18, However, on Windows XP professional version 2002 sp3, it behaved correctly.

Expected behaviour is that multicast traffic for only joined group is received . For example

S1 binds to port 2000 and joins multicast group

S2 binds to port 2000 and joins multicast group

then the expected behaviour is :

S1 should only receive datagram send to group .

Can anyone please help me in finding a solution for this in Java, is there any distribution of Linux kernel you may have come across that would work as expected.

Or could it be a Java bug, Any input is very much appreciated .