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Java in Format Editors?

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Joined: 2012-03-04

Hi guys, I'm today started java programming. I know some python programming. Trapped inside my head I'm doing some comparisons, Are there any format editors in the Java? probably could not tell exactly, I want to make an example out of python;

item = "Java"

print "%s perfect!!" %(item)

similar.. Thanks.. ;)

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Joined: 2012-03-15

I'm not understand exactly what you want to know....

Im using JCreator to write Java code.

public class JavaPerfect {

public static void main(String[] args) {

String s = "Java";

System.out.println(s + " perfect!!");



The previous code is similar to your code. Hope it helps!

btw, English is not my main language, maybe that's the reason why I cant get your idea.