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Extra characters added by java.util.prefs API under Windows

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Using the code below the application is saving and reading the preferences.

Preferences prf = Preferences.userRoot().node("/JavaFXApp1");
prf.putInt("CurrentColor", appCtrl.getIValue());

Preferences prf = Preferences.userRoot().node("/JavaFXApp1");
i = prf.getInt("CurrentColor", 0);

The registry key created on line 1 looks like '/Java/F/X/App1' and the value name created on line 2 looks like '/Current/Color'
The forward slash was even added to the string value: saving 'Programmatically set text' string I see '/Programmatically set text'.

What is the justification for adding a forward slash in front of every uppercase letter?

Also, how can I file a bug report for this bizarre situation?

PS: This is not isolated to my application. SceneBuilder saves its settings under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\oracle\javafx\scenebuilder\/J/V/M/User/Options and its settings are affected too, such as '$/A/P/P/D/I/R\app\'

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You can file an RFE at