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Does one need to install Updates consecutively?

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Sorry this is going to come across as a dumb question. But please bare with me. I work for a company that has to be PCI compliant as we deal with banks. As part of our compliance we have to submit vulnerability scans quarterly. We use Symantec's CCS (ultimately rapid 7) scanning to check for vulnerabilities. A very common one across our systems is Java being out of date. For example a lot of systems report that they need Java 7 update 7. I have created a Java update with SCUP and have distributed it via SCCM to update Java 7 to update 9. How ever upon a rescan we still get critical vulnerabilities that Java 7 update 7 should be installed even though those systems definitely have Update 9 installed. So I need to know if I jump from say update 2 to update 9 will that fix the issues update 7 was suppose to fix or do I have to update Java with consecutive updates?

Thank in advance for your help.