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Create object of generic type

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There is an abstract class GraphRepresent:

public abstract class GraphRepresent {}

and several classes

public class AdjacencyMatrix extends GraphRepresent {}

public class IncidenceMatrix extends GraphRepresent {}

Graph is a class of type G, which is derived fromGraphRepresent:

public class Graph <G extends GraphRepresent> extends GraphData <G> {

G represent;

public Graph (GraphRepresent represent) throws Exception {

this.represent = represent;



to create an account to write this:

Graph <?> Graph = new Graph <AdjacencyMatrix> (new AdjacencyMatrix ());

it looks very cumbersome

Is there a way to create an object of type G directly in the class constructor Graph?

p.s. it must have in order to prevent change the object class that inherits from GraphRepresent.

sorry for my bad English.