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Accessibility in JRE 1.7

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I've downloaded the latest JRE 1.7 early access release (build 123) to test the accessibility API with the Jaws screen reader on Windows. I tested it using an applet (running on IE7) that uses the Java Access Bridge v2.0.1 and has been tested with all version of Jaws and all JRE's up to 1.6 and has worked fine, however, when I run it with JRE 1.7 the screen reader will not read any accessible information and behaves as if the access bridge is not installed (I've verified that it has been installed correctly for this JRE). Additionally, disabling JRE 1.7 in the java control panel has no effect, I had to completely uninstall 1.7 in order to get it to use JRE 1.6, at which point accessibility calls work correctly again and are voiced by Jaws.
Has accessibility been implemented yet in 1.7? Has anyone here gotten the Accessibility API to work on JRE 1.7? I know there are issues with the access bridge on 64 bit Windows systems and I'm wondering if this is related to that problem.