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State of Java 7 on Mac? POOR Part 2

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I notice that the standard response to bug discussions here is to file a bug report. Well I did that back in August. I filed bug report #7191843 which involves broken behavior of the screen menubar on Mac OS X. The problem is reproducible on Lion and Mountain Lion and was introduced after 7u4 and I think first appeared in 7u6. Unfortunately, this bug, which I tracked for two months, has now disappeared from the system with no trace of it's status. Through 7U10_b13, the problem persists.

In brief, the problem is that in a SDI app, closing one JFrame based window causes the screen menu bar to vanish. It has to be restored by activating a window from another application and then reselecting the JFrame app.

I guess I will resubmit, including a very short sample, but I would love to know how the other bug report vanished into thin air.