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Packaging issue on OSX

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I wanted to try the packaging mechanism of JDK 8 b91 with the ant target fx:deploy. So I checked out an open source software (mucommander) and tried to build it with the actual build file from them. All was fine and I got a running .jar file at the end. Now I created a new target called "fxapp" to build a native executable on OSX. Again I got a .app but if I start the app the app is loaded twice. I tried again the containing .jar file and got only one instance of the app loaded.

Could there be a bug in JDK 8 Launcher to load an app always twice or is it just a ant issue ?

Here is the part of the build.xml I have used to create the native executable:

<target name="fxapp" depends="jar"> 
        <taskdef resource="com/sun/javafx/tools/ant/antlib.xml" 

        <!-- Mark application as Swing-based -->
        <fx:application name="muCommander" id="muCommanderID" mainClass="${app.main}" toolkit="swing"/>                

       <!-- generate JNLPs, HTML and native bundles -->
       <fx:deploy verbose="true" width="960" height="720" includeDT="true"
                  outdir="${dist}" embedJNLP="false"
                  outfile="muCommander" >
            <fx:application name="muCommander" id="muCommanderID" mainClass="${app.main}" toolkit="swing"/>          
                <fx:fileset type="jar" dir="${tmp}" includes="mucommander-normal.jar"/>
                    <fx:property name="java.system.class.loader"
                    <fx:property name=""          value="true"/>
                    <fx:property name=""            value="true"/>
                    <fx:property name="apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar"   value="true"/>
                    <fx:property name="file.encoding"                value="UTF-8"/>   
                    <fx:property name="-Xmx" value="128m"/>
            <fx:info title="App: muCommander"
                  <fx:icon href="./res/package/osx/icon.icns"></fx:icon>