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JDK8 B97 unsupport Chinese?

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Joined: 2013-07-08

hi all,i'm Ran Qilin, a Chinese.

i download and install jdk8 from at this morning.

this version of jdk is JDK8 Early Access Releases Build B97,and my OS is Windows 7.

now i found a problem:

1.when i create a JavaFX control like this, for example a Button:

Button btn = new Button("BTN??");

and i found the text of the button is "BTN " at the time of run my javafx application,the chinese char has disappeared.

2.when i create a JavaFX control in a FXML file and the text of the control is chinese char,and load the FXML file into my application and run it,

the chinese char will display.


1.javafx8 unsupport chinese?

2.if unsupport chinese,why can display the chinese char in FXML file?

3.what's the reason of the chinese char disappeared?

thank you for your reply

Ran Qilin

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Joined: 2013-07-08

i have logged a new bug with