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JDK8 and JavaSound on OS X, problems with 48k audio output

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Apple's JRE had a pretty miserable JavaSound implementation, with no ports and bugs that meant no access to the inputs of Firewire-connected soundcards or the inputs of USB soundcards that supported more than 2 channels. One of the most annoying bugs was that audio data fed to lines that should be running at 48k (and said they were running at 48k) was replayed at 44.1k, so a 1 kHz sine wave data stream (for example) actually produced a 918.75 Hz tone. On 10.5 and 10.6 this could be fixed by installing the Mandolane M3DMixer. I saw a post that said Mandolane's code had been contributed to OpenJDK, so thought this sample rate bug would have been fixed in the JDK8, but I've had a report from a user running the latest OS X JDK8 1.8.0-ea build (downloaded yesterday) that the sample rate bug is still present. Did Mandolane's output mixer code not make it into JDK8?

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There was a thread on a potential contribution of some code in 2010 [0],
but I don't think that the thread went any further then that.

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