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Bug database read only?

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Am I missing something, or has the Oracle Java bug database really gone read-only? I see no way to vote for issues or to add comments. Nor any way to log in or create an account or something like that. If true that would make it mostly useless IMHO. Yet the project page for OpenJDK 7 still says to use it rather than the bug database here.

Which bug database am I supposed to use for OpenJDK 7?


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You can use the Oracle bug database to submit bug reports for OpenJDK 7 updates. If you're using a third party build, like a Linux distribution's, please submit bug reports directly to the third party's bug tracker, as such builds may contain additional changes and code not available in the OpenJDK 7 Project.

In addition, please see the following article on the planned, undergoing migration to JIRA for (Open)JDK issues.

Dalibor Topic
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I'm also confused ... the bug database still has references which claim I can "vote", "watch" or "comment" on a bug but none of these are possible for me at the moment.

Is it just me or is there a problem on Oracle's end ?

I would like to get notified about any updates on
which is also referenced on the recent Java 7u6 Release Notes as a Known Issue.

I've verified that I'm signed in to OTN, as well as and Oracle Forums.

Joined: 2007-05-14

So it is correct that it is no longer possible to vote or comment on bugs at