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Applet error in JRE 1.7u60

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I was testing out my applet on JRE 1.7u60. My applet works fine on JRE 1.7u45 with no warnings/errors.

As per requirement of JRE 1.7u51 my applet has following attributes in manifest file.
Codebase: *
Permissions: all-permissions
Trusted-Only: true

When i run my applet on JRE 1.7u60 early release, I get an error saying:
Security exception: attempt to load a sandboxed XYZ.jar as Trusted only (where XYZ is the name of my jar file). Is this a known issue in JRE 1.7u60?

I am asking this because I am curious to understand if my applet run fine on JRE 1.7u51 if no warnings/errors are displayed in JRE 17u45 and i adhere to security requirements stated in

My jar files are signed (verified this using jarsigner -verify comand) and manifest file contains permissions attribute.

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Joined: 2014-01-01


I did some more investigation and found the following:

On JRE 1.7u60: The jar file is treated as unsigned and hence run in sandbox.
security: The jar file isnt on a blacklist
security: The jar file isnt signed so the blacklist check will be skipped
security: Trusted libraries list file not found
cache: Create from verifier: JarSigningData{hasOnlySignedEntries=false, hasSingleCodeSource=false, hasMissingSignedEntries=false}
network: CleanupThread used 1 us
Is this a known problem?

On JRE 1.7u45: The jar file is treated as "signed".
security: Trusted libraries list check is enabled
security: Trusted libraries list file not found
cache: Create from verifier: JarSigningData{hasOnlySignedEntries=true, hasSingleCodeSource=true, hasMissingSignedEntries=false}

What will be the behavior in JRE 1.7u51?

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Please test with 7u51 when released today, Jan 14th. If you still see the issue, please file a bug at