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7U51 Download

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Is there any where we can download 7U51. We need to do some testing around the new applet restrictions. If not do you know when it will be available? Thanks, in advance.

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Joined: 2004-11-15

As 7u51 is a security release there are no public releases available. There is some information available about 7u51, the new site exception list feature, on Erik's blog.

Which restrictions are you looking to test?


Joined: 2013-12-11

When using an applet, our understanding is that we need to add the Permissions attribute to the manifest file. We have set this in our applet jar to all-permissions but we also have a jar provided by a vendor who is saying this attribute is not needed in support jars. At runtime the vendor makes an additional check that the jar has not been modified, so they have to provide us with a solution.

We have not really found any explicit documentation on how the Permissions attribute will work when using multiple jars that are referenced by applets so its hard to debate this with the vendor.

We really need a way to test our applet against 7u51 to understand how it will impact our customers and verify our changes are correct. We also need a better understanding of how jars included in the applet classpath must be changed.

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Each CPU release is causing issues for end-users and headaches for developers. u45 was particularly abusive.

1. Can anyone at Oracle articulate the planned process for developer access (PRIOR to release) to u51? RIA vendors must mitigate customer issues. We are dealing with schools and thousands of systems. u45 and the security baseline change killed our customers. I'd like to be able to anticipate and proactively address any interesting behaviors you plan to introduce in u51 - like site exceptions.

2. It is completely unclear whether an additional release prior to u51 is planned. Notes subsequent to u45 indicated a plan to address the bugs introduced with u45 in a future release. Is there going to be another Java update deployed prior to u51? If so, when? If so, when do we get to give it a spin?

3. u60 is clearly in need of some immediate attention. To avoid repeating the issues experienced by customers with the release of u45, at a minimum, the change (and preferably fixes for the bugs) from u45 need to be incorporated. LiveConnect is currently broken, for example: When will this actually get addressed as it is independent of u51 - working in 40, broken and required changes and a special build to support u45, which doesn't work again in u60?

Andrew Lippert