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Example of integration ocx+java with COM4J

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Hello all.

I'm having problems with the method call of a .ocx. I am using COM4J for integration, but get a error "Exception in thread "main" com4j.ComException: 8000ffff Invocation failed: (null) : Catastrophic failure : .\com4j.cpp:82" . I do not understand what is wrong. Somebody would have a sample of integration java with this COM file (of third parties) for show me?

public static void main(String[] args) {
testVax2.wsh._DVaxSIPUserAgentOCX test = (testVax2.wsh._DVaxSIPUserAgentOCX) ClassFactory.createVaxSIPUserAgentOCX();
String key = "OCX's Key";
test.setLicenceKey(key); //here the error occurs

Thanks in advance.