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Looking for a JavaFx 2.0 Beans wizard, plugin (and examples)

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I'm new to JavaFX 2.0 (and Java) but have heard IDEs like NetBeans have wizards for bindings, properties, annotation type things? Are there wizards for the new JavaFx 2.0 Beans?

Reading the Apress book 'Pro JavaFx 2.0' says 'JavaFX 2.0 introduces the JavaFX Beans specification that adds properties support to Java objects through the help of the properties classes from the JavaFX 2.0 properties and bindings framework...with two Properties Strategies: Eagerly Instantiated, Lazily Instantiated.'

The recent post below mentions 'New --> Web Service Client' and if something like that did some setup for my application making a 'RESTful URL call' or 'Binding JSON data' to JavaFx Beans? (

I can tell that many beans related examples (and client/server) are for Swing, AWT type applications and am hesitant to add plug-ins that are not appropriate for JavaFx 2.0.

Clicking on my NetBeans7.3->Tools->Plugins then Available Plugins tab, I can see plugins below, but is anything relivant to JavaFx Beans? Also, I have yet to find any plugin (e.g., RESTful Web Services) listed in Available Plugin out on (

RESTful Web Services - Certified
Version: 1.19 Date: 5/16/13 Category: Java Web and EE
Provides rapid application development environment based on Java API for RESTful Web Services (JSR-311).
This plugin include JSR-311 Reference Implementation Library (Jersey). The version of Jersey Library that is included is reflected by the plugin version. For details of changes see:

SOAP Web Services
Version: 1.20 Date: 5/16/13 Source: NetBeans Development
Plugin Description
Provides generic support for development and consumption of SOAP web services.

SQLite JDBC Driver - Certified
Date: 4/15/12
To implement sqlite connection with a specific netbeans project, just do the steps below, after downloading sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar (jar file) :
1) Right- click to the exact project and select "Properties".
2) Select "Libraries" from the left list, named "Categories".
3) Select "Add JAR/Folder" from the right button choices.
4) Find the jar file that you just downloaded and select it.

Java EE Base Source: NetBeans
Version: 1.21 Date: 5/16/13 Category: Java Web and EE
Provides baselevel support for Java EE, i.e. web application project and basic wizards, plus support for deployment, debugging and profiling web applications on GlassFish, WebLogic, Tomcat and JBoss. Support for additional Java EE technologies such as Java Persistence, JSF and JSF component suites, REST and SOAP web services, EJB or EAR projects needs to be installed and enabled separately, as well as support for more web frameworks such as Spring or Hibernate.