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JavaFX nodes - How to make them resizable by the end user?

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I am developing a JavaFX application where a class I have developed (extended from javafx.scene.Parent) is created on-the-fly based on what entry the user has clicked in a ListView control.

Just to be clear about this node, it is not created using a layout tool like SceneBuilder, it is created at runtime based on the user's actions.

The constructor for my custom node class creates a VBox and a Label and uses passed coordinates (X,Y) in the constructor method to set its own Layout coords. I then use a custom utility class to make the node draggable. This new node is then added to the main application Pane.

However, I have failed to find out how I can make these nodes resizable by the user. That is, allow the user to mouse over the corner of the node, hold and drag to resize. An operation that all users are used to, no matter what the OS.

Has anyone done anything like this in JavaFX? Is it possible? (My searches on the subject only seem to pull up subjects on the automatic resizing that a parent node does with its child nodes.)

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