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Need beginner's help with JXTreeTable that includes JCheckBox.

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Joined: 2014-03-12

Can anyone _please_ help me to create a JXTreeTable that has only two levels in the tree (root hidden, branch and leaf only), JCheckBoxes on the branches only, and that periodically updates from a MySQL database?

That's the short version. Yes, it's a lot to ask. I'm not exactly new to Java, but I am still learning Swing. I really need someone to help walk me through how to create what I need, which could take some time. I've just about exhausted all my other avenues for help, including Stackoverflow, Dreamincode, and Wizpert. I'm still getting absolutely no responses. The one response that I _did_ get from Stackoverflow was not very helpful to me.

Please, can someone guide me through this on an ongoing basis, until the TreeTable works the way I need it to?