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Move to GitHub

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Joined: 2003-06-20

This is a proposal to move this project to GitHub

The infrastructure on is terrible. It is slow and unreliable. I could not post to this forum in Firefox as refused to show me as logged in to swingx even though I was logged in to svn simply does not cut it as a decent VCS. And the project simply looks dead and abandoned here as a GUI project without a good website.

Perhaps you've heard this request before, perhaps not. But, action really is needed.

Some questions:
- Is there an actual impediment to moving? (eg. does Oracle still have a presence and insists that it is on
- Do the active committers have a specific reason to stay?
- Is there a fear of git as a VCS?

I have some recently written Swing code that I would like to contribute, but I basically refuse to use svn and patches now. Although I hated git initially, the reality is that it is light years ahead on everything else right now (when used on GitHub).

I migrated Joda-Time and other Joda projects a few years ago and I've never looked back. I get far more bug reports and offers of fixes simply by being on GitHub than ever before.

So, can I help you move and modernize?
Stephen Colebourne