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JTable problem (One column apears empty)

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Hi everyone,

i have a strange problem with my JTable.

First: I use a JTable that gets the data from an ArrayList. It uses also a TableModel.

The problem is that, when i see my table in the view, it apears with the data in the columns and rows. But of 6 columns, the 3th or 4th wolumn apears empty. Althought the backend of the column contains data, because when i move that column to another place in the table, it will show the right data for that column.

First attachement is a printscreen of the JTable with the empty column:

The second attachement is one with the same table, but the empty column is moved to the left:

Can anyone help me with this problem?



4thColumnIsEmpty.png121.84 KB
4th3thcolumn_filled.png124.59 KB

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Joined: 2003-12-22

Although I didn't succeed in viewing your attached images, I think that in order to help you, I need to see your code. Perhaps you can post a SSCCE (Small Self-Contained Compilable Example).

Good Luck,