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How to replace the mouse pointer with a text pane

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I’m trying to make a program for setting seating arrangements at a large venue (e.g. a wedding).

The idea is to have the user first input all the tables, with shape and no. of chairs and then jump to a screen in which he can drag them around. DnD works fine here.

Next, the name-tags of the attendants can be dragged to the available seats. At first DnD works fine here as well, but once the tables are (almost) full, the user will want to rearrange the names. Here DnD isn’t enough. If you drag a name to a seat that is already occupied, what to do with the name that was there previously?

My idea is for the user not to ‘drag’ the name, but to select it, at which point the mouse pointer will be replaced by the name-tag. Clicking on another name (with the selected name), will simply seat the new name at the table, and replace the mouse with the name that was already seated. So on, until an empty seat is clicked, at which point the mouse-pointer returns to normal.

So instead of a Drag n Drop, I need a Capture n Replace.

Any idea’s?

I’m new to this, so I’m open to any suggestions on a better way… perhaps a more user-friendly natural way?

Thanx, Thor