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Applet - Which will read/modify system files and execute system commands

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I'm beginner in java applets. I have developed few small desktop applications using core java. I need to build an applet which can do the following things -

1. Read a system file and modify it.
2. Create system file.
3. Execute a system command for setting some configuration of the client machine
4. Applet will download a file by running a system command. I need to check for the file size and plot download speed in graph.
5. Applet should run on all platforms ( MAC OSX, Linux, Windows, Android, IOS )

I have already developed this app using python and PyQT which is platform independent. So my app can be run on all platform but that requires PyQT and some dependencies to be installed on all platforms which is a difficult job. So we are opting for java applet to avoid dependent package installation and give more user friendliness and make the application platform independent.

I have already gone through the following link -

According to this link I need a privileged applet to do system related activities.

My Questions are -

1. Is is at all a good idea to use applets for what I need to implement?
2. How to applets privileged?
3. Does applets work on Andriod or IOS? AFAIK, JRE is not available for these two platforms.
4. Can I go for JNLP API? Is that platform independent?
5. Is there any other alternative?

Please suggest.


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Java applets is out of date now a days. You should learn Java servlets and Jsp. But you can just increase your knowledge to learn about applet...